The explosion in Indianapolis was extremely tragic.

Many have asked ‘were that to happen in my neighborhood or even worse my home, would my homeowners policy cover it?

Let’s start off first of all by saying that insurance for such incidents is available, but it would be good to pull out your current policy and see what current coverages you have now. Keep in mind that in such a situation the coverage you need would depend on how you were involved. Did it happen in your home? Then it would fall under the listed coverages of your homeowners policy. Did it happen in your home but affected someone else’s property? Then it would fall under your liability limits as to whether it would pay for all the damages. If your liability limits are too low, then there possibly could be some out-of-pocket expense for you. Did it happen to your home, that is it originated from someone else’s property but affected yours? Then it would fall under their homeowners policy coverages. Keep in mind there are a lot of variables, and in any situation it would depend greatly on who or what was determined to be at fault.

It has been recommended that we all get out our policies at least once a year and review exactly how we are covered and if we feel we could use more protection. If you have questions or concerns, always feel free to ask us for help.

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