Umbrella Insurance offers Increased protection for large events

Liability insurance protects your current and future wealth.  In the event you are held liable for a loss, the person that suffered the loss can and will sue you.  Without adequate liability insurance coverage, you will be paying the damages out of pocket. Possibly for years to come.  An umbrella insurance policy provides a blanket increase to most of your liability insurance policies.

Home and auto insurance policies, referred to as “underlying policies”, provide a set limit of liability protection.  A single umbrella insurance policy will fill in the gaps on several underlying policies.  After the limit of liability is reached on the underlying policy the umbrella policy jumps in and provides an additional amount of coverage.


Joe Robison has a home insurance policy with a liability limit of $300,000.  Joe also purchased a $1,000,000 umbrella insurance policy.  One day, Joe threw a birthday party for his 7 year old at his home.  During the party, another 7 year old boy was seriously injured by a swing set.  The parent’s of the boy sued Joe for $750,000.  In this case, Joe’s home insurance policy kicked-in and provided the first $300,000.  After that was exhausted, his umbrella insurance policy activated to provide the additional $450,000.  Joe would not need to pay any damages out of his own pocket.

Had he not purchased an umbrella insurance policy Joe would be responsible for paying the additional $450,000 out of his own pocket.


Umbrella Insurance Coverage Details

Umbrella Insurance

Worldwide Coverage

Most umbrella insurance policies protect you everywhere.  Even if you are traveling abroad.

Umbrella Insurance

Defense Coverage

Coverage to help you pay defense and legal costs in the event you are sued.

Umbrella Insurance

Inexpensive Coverage

An umbrella policy remains one of the least expensive ways to increase liability insurance coverage.

Umbrella insurance policies are available for both personal and business protection.