Don’t Bet The Farm. Buy Farm Insurance.

A comprehensive farm insurance policy from Phillips Stafford Insurance Group will ensure your operation is protected.

Farmers know a little something about taking risks.  What other profession can have a years worth of work wiped out by a hail storm? But successful farmers mitigate risk as much as they can with a farm insurance policy.

Both of our company’s Managing Partners come from farm backgrounds and are still active on their family farms.  We get it.  We know the difference between sweet corn and field corn, a heifer and a bull, a flex draper and an auger combine head.  We understand what needs to be protected and how to protect it.

Farm Insurance

Property Coverage

From your combine to your iPad, farm insurance property coverage protects it all.

Equipment is getting bigger.  With bigger equipment comes more expensive equipment and more expensive storage buildings.  Protect your investment with a comprehensive property insurance policy.

We can protect your personal home and belongings alongside your farm machinery on the same policy.  A farm insurance policy can include coverage for:

  • Personal home and belongings
  • Farm Livestock
  • Farm Outbuildings
  • Seed and grain
  • Grain Bins and Legs
  • Farm Machinery

Liability Coverage

Farm liability insurance is a crucial part of any risk management strategy.  Accidents can and do happen to vendors, visitors, and others that visit your property; whether invited or not.  Legal costs alone incurred in defending a lawsuit could severely hamper a farm’s financial position.  The liability section of your farm insurance policy will provide you with coverage in the event an unfortunate accident happens.

Farm Auto

Need to insure your new Kenworth T800 on the same policy as your 16 year old’s Camaro? No problem.  With auto coverage on your farm insurance policy you have the flexibility of insuring your biggest farm road vehicles along side your smallest non-farm vehicles.

The policy will cover liability to keep you protected and on the right side of the law.  You can also chose specific vehicle coverages like comprehensive and collision. Then round out the policy with roadside assistance and towing so you don’t need to be pulled out of the field if your wife’s car breaks down.  And it’s all available on one policy.

Farm Insurance

Crop Insurance

As they say in the Midwest, if you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes.  Weather can be a farmer’s best friend and worst enemy.  We can improve the relationship between farmer and mother nature with a custom crop insurance solution.

You can work with one of our crop insurance experts to determine what crop insurance program fits your operation.  We work with one of the top crop insurance providers, Rain and Hail Crop Insurance, to provide you with affordable protection for your acres.  Crop insurance solutions include:

  • Crop-Hail
  • Prevented Planting Coverage
  • Revenue Protection
  • Yield Protection

Farm Succession Planning

Does your farm have a succession plan? Are you prepared to pass your farm down to the next generation? We have personally experienced family division due to poor farm succession planning.  We’ve been there and we know how to make it go smoothly.  Talk to us about how to plan for the inevitable.