Protection for your hobbies

As the saying goes, the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.  There was probably no need to insure your first bike worth $100, but a motorcycle worth over $10,000 is a different story.  Phillips Stafford Insurance Group can insure all your toys.  Everything from a small ATV, to a custom built chopper, up to a $1,000,000 motorhome.

Motorcycle & ATV Insurance

Whether you own a 50cc dirt bike for your kid or a one-off custom built chopper, we have markets to insure it.

Motorcycles registered for street use carry the same requirement as cars to carry liability insurance.  Above that, it’s a good idea to protect your often sizable investment from damage.  Whether you are worried about theft, damage done to the motorcycle in an accident, or both, we can craft a policy to cover it.

Don’t forget about motorcycles and ATVs not meant for the street.  Believe it or not, theft of dirt bikes and ATVs is rampant in some areas.  They are easy targets due to the ease of speeding away after stealing the vehicle.  Often times, trailers full of dirt bikes and ATVs are stolen right out of driveways and parking lots.  Without proper insurance coverage on the vehicle there won’t be payout from an insurance company if they are stolen.  There is also a liability exposure when using dirt bikes and ATVs away from your own land.  If you cause damage to an object or person you could be held liable.

RV Insurance

Motorhome and RV Insurance

We currently insure RVs from a pop-up camper to a Prevost motorhome worth over $1,000,000.  We have the range of insurers needed to build policies to efficiently insure both the smallest and largest RVs without skimping on coverage or over-charging our clients.

We can offer something as simple as liability for an older motorhome that just needs to be road-legal up to a comprehensive policy that covers the motorhome awnings, contents in the motorhome, roadside assistance, and many other specialized coverages.

Snowmobile Insurance

Did you know some states require snowmobiles that are operated on road right-of-ways or public trails must carry liability insurance on their snowmobiles? If you own a snowmobile that doesn’t have at least liability insurance on it you are risking not only a financial loss due to liability, but also being on the wrong side of the law.

In addition to liability insurance, we can cover your snowmobile for comprehensive and collision damage.  Whether your sled is stolen, catches on fire, or has a collision with something, we can cover it and protect your investment.

Classic Car Insurance

If you have a classic or custom car you will want a policy that is tailored to that car.  We work with several insurers that specialize in insuring classic cars, high value sports cars, and custom cars.  Often times the premium is less than it would be on a standard auto insurance policy and the coverage is often much better.

Most auto insurance policies are written using “Actual Cash Value (ACV)”.  That means if your classic car is involved in a crash and suffers a total loss the insurance company will pay you what the car was worth right before the crash.  With classic cars, this number is often much lower than what you have in the car.  Specialized carriers will offer “Agreed Value” insurance.  You and the insurance company agree on what the car is worth and that is what is paid out in the event of a total loss.  At Phillips Stafford Insurance Group, we work with these specialized carriers to cover your custom or classic car.