Group Benefits

Group Benefits allow you to attract and retain the best employees

86 percent of full-time workers have some form of medical care benefits provided by their employers.  If your company isn’t offering these benefits to your employees you could be losing out on attracting top talent.  Phillips Stafford Insurance Group has specialists that can work with your company to craft a comprehensive group benefit plans that your employees will love and your business can afford.

Top 4 reasons to offer group benefits

  • Attract and Retain Key Talent – A well-designed group benefits package can help to make your business more competitive, recruit top talent, retain employees and boost employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Tax Benefits For You – Health insurance premiums are 100 percent tax deductible as a business expense. You may qualify for the Small Business Health Care tax credit, worth up to 50 percent of premium costs (35 percent for non-profits) and you can deduct the remainder of the premium costs not covered by the tax credit.
  • Boost Productivity – A happy employee is a productive employee. Employees with group benefits are more likely to seek out care for small and large problems and less likely to stress about it. Providing group benefits also show the employees you care, making them more invested in the company and it’s success.
  • Professional Advice – Implementing a group benefits program requires working with a broker like Phillips Stafford Insurance Group. Working with us gives you, your employees, and your business access to expert advice to help you navigate the group benefits products and help you manage HR tasks.

Health Insurance

The regulations regarding the employer mandate to provide health insurance are changing rapidly.  We can help you understand the current regulatory environment and what changes we expect to see.  It’s more important than ever to not only look at providing group benefits to your employees but also to work with an experienced broker to guide you through the process.  The PPACA (Obamacare) has presented obstacles that must be navigated carefully to avoid penalties.

At Phillips Stafford we learn about our clients and what their needs, and their employee’s needs are.  We then craft a health insurance proposal that includes several plans to cover your businesses and your employees distinct needs.  After shopping several different carriers for rates we make sure we are providing you the most value for your dollar.  As business owners ourselves, we understand that providing group health insurance is an investment in your business and your employees.  We are here to see that the investment pays off.

Group Disability

Your employees rely on the income they earn at their jobs to provide for their families.  Few people plan for the possibility of that income streaming stopping due to a disability.  Providing a group disability income policy for your employees will provide them with that extra protection that they are unlikely to think about purchasing on their own.

If an employee is injured on or off the job you want them to get better as soon as possible so they can come back to work.  You can help your company retain employees when they come back from a disability by providing for them during their recovery.  A disability income policy will pay out up to 2/3 of an employee’s income if they suffer from a long-term disability.  This could be an injury, an illness, or any other covered event.  Give your employees the flexibility and security to heal and get better so they are happy to come back to work, as soon as they are able.

Group Life

Group BenefitsYour employees aren’t only concerned about their own well being, they are also concerned about their family’s well being.  As an employer, you should be as well.

Group life insurance is a very inexpensive and efficient way to provide benefits to your employee’s family in the event the employee dies, whether on or off the job, while they are employed by you.  Providing this benefit can be as inexpensive as $15 per month per employee, but the perceived value by the employee is often much more.  Group life insurance is another great way to remove stress and concern from an employee and keep them, as well as their family, invested in the well-being of the company.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits can be seen as a starting point and as an add-on.  Some employers use voluntary benefits like short-term disability, voluntary group life, and defined benefit accident plans as a way to “test the waters” of providing employee benefits.  Other employers view them as a great add-on to an already comprehensive benefit plan to offer their employees a larger benefit package than most.

Phillips Stafford Insurance Group can discuss whether voluntary benefits will fit well in your company, whether it’s your starting point or something you are looking to add to your current benefits package.  We represent several companies that provide voluntary benefits.  We can find the benefit provider that best fits your company.