Protection Against The Unexpected

We shop your car insurance with multiple companies to find the best policy for you and your budget.

Whether you own a compact car, pickup or commercial vehicle, we offer coverage to fit your needs.  You never know when you are going to have an accident. Even if you are an excellent driver, others on the road may not be. Having a car insurance policy is the best way to protect yourself and your family from the financial impact of a car accident.

A car insurance policy protects you against financial loss resulting from collisions, vandalism, break-ins and other situations where damage or injury may occur to you or others. If you are at fault, your car insurance policy can also pay for damages to the other car(s) or property of others. You’re even protected if you’re in an accident with someone who has little or no car insurance.

Car insurance coverage has several components. We make it simple to select the coverage, deductibles and limits that work for you:

  • Bodily injury liability protects you if someone is injured or dies as a result of an accident involving your vehicle. If you are at fault in an accident, this coverage can help cover legal costs and pay any financial claims brought against you by the victims or their families.
  • Property damage liability covers damage to the property of others caused by your car. You’ll want a limit high enough to cover any potential damage for which you might be responsible.
  • Collision coverage pays for damage to your car resulting from an accident. Selecting a higher deductible (the amount you pay out-of-pocket) can help keep your premium low. If you have an older car that isn’t worth much, you may consider not carrying collision coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage, sometimes called “Other-Than-Collision”, covers your car in the event it is damaged or lost due to an event that does not involve a collision. Examples include, but are not limited to theft, hail, and fire. Selecting a higher deductible (the amount you pay out-of-pocket) can help keep your premium low. If you have an older car that isn’t worth much, you might consider not carrying comprehensive coverage.
  • Replacement cost coverage is available for an additional premium on newer cars (age of car varies by carrier). In the event of a total loss, the damaged car will be replaced with a new vehicle of the same or similar model.
  • Medical or no-fault coverage varies by state. Please contact us for details.
  • Uninsured and underinsured coverage protects you from bodily injury caused by other drivers without adequate car insurance. Passengers in your insured car are covered, and most family members are covered as pedestrians. This coverage is extremely affordable and should be included on every policy

Optional coverages


Car Insurance

Roadside Assistance

Protection covers towing expenses and mechanical labor to get your car back on the road if it breaks down. It can also cover lock-out help, trip interruption, and gas delivery if you are stranded.

Car Insurance

Rental Car Reimbursement

pays for car rental or public transportation while your car is being repaired due to a covered loss. Motor home rental reimbursement coverage is also available.

Car Insurance

Accident & Violation Forgiveness

will prevent your rates from increasing due to a minor accident or ticket.  This coverage is offered by select carriers.

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