Winter is in full swing in Iowa.  Lately, we have been getting a good mix of snow, rain, and freezing rain.  This has caused ice build-ups and insurance claims caused by ice build-ups on roofs.  Below are some great tips to keep ice from accumulating on your roof.  These tips can help avoid an insurance claim.

Know your roof

Know your roofs capacity and how the design of the roof may collect snow and ice.  Look for hidden nooks that could cause snow and ice to pile up.  Look for any equipment, like satellite dishes, antennas, or vents that may cause snow and ice to collect around those items.  Know the slope of your roof.  Snow can accumulate very quickly on a roof, or area of a roof, with a small pitch.

Monitor the situation

Be proactive about looking at your roof and assessing the snow and ice that has accumulated on it.  Don’t wait for damage to your roof or a neighbors roof to occur before taking action.  If the roof already has a fair amount of ice or snow on it and a new storm is expected, try to safely remove whatever ice and snow you can from the roof.  If you notice any amount of deflection in the roof due to the weight of ice or snow, evacuate the building and call a professional to look at it.

Stay safe

If you feel it is necessary to remove snow or ice from the roof, do so safely from the ground, if possible. Using a broom for snow or rake for ice can work for low sections of the roof.  For higher sections, investing in a roof rake may make sense.  If your roof has persistent problems or tends to collect a lot of snow, a roof heater may be a good idea.  These also work great for gutters and down spouts!

Taking the necessary steps early on can save you a headache and possible insurance claim down the road!