Does your business have a “competent squatter”?

By |2020-03-20T12:54:51-05:00June 10th, 2014|Commercial Insurance, Group Benefits, Workers Compensation|

Every business seeks out the motivated, talented, ambitious, and innovative employee.  But not every employee will have all (or any) of those qualities.  Workers that don't meet the above criteria can still have a place within a company. This is the employee deemed the "competent squatter" by R.J. Morris, director of staffing at McCarthy Building [...]

How high will your health insurance premiums be next year?

By |2018-04-26T11:29:49-05:00October 4th, 2013|Group Benefits, Health Insurance, PPACA|

Many younger, healthier individuals could be surprised to see the cost of their insurance skyrocket 40 percent or more under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2014. What's behind this? The ACA imposes a form of modified community rating which compresses the rate classes, and prohibits rating using gender or health status. The factors that can be [...]

The future of health insurance?

By |2016-05-17T08:56:15-05:00January 18th, 2013|Group Benefits, Health Insurance, PPACA|

  In October of 2010, just 6 months after the PPACA (Obamacare) was signed into law, we saw the first casualty when Principal Financial Group decided to exit the health insurance market.  Just a little over two years later Principal has re-entered the market with a slightly different product in a move that could become [...]

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