If you live in the Des Moines Metro you are surely aware of the Clive red light cameras along Hickman Road.  They have been snapping candid shots of drivers since 2006.  Today is the last chance you have to receive a ‘free’ picture of your car from the City of Clive (Well, actually a company contracted by the city to operate the cameras).  Tuesday, July 1st, the cameras will be turned off for good.

Last year, the city council voted not to renew their contract with the camera’s operator.  But the council decided to extend the contract through June 30th, 2014 since the revenue from the cameras was already included in the budget.

Whether these cameras were a good idea or not is up to individual interpretation.  From an insurance stand point (because that’s how we at Phillips Stafford Insurance Group look at everything) they didn’t effect much.  Receiving a ticket from a red light camera, speed camera, or any other automated device is ‘just’ a civil fine and does not go on your driving record.  For that reason, it is not counted against you on your car insurance and won’t effect your car insurance premium.

The City of Clive is warning drivers to be on the lookout for more patrol cars in the areas where the cameras were located.  So don’t go blowing through red lights just because the cameras are gone.  Now an officer will catch you and it will cause your car insurance premiums to go up.